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Happy Wheels is an online multiplayer game that has been created by Jim Bonacci. This game was released in May 2010 for the very first time. The game is played by more than 50 million people from all over the world. The main goal of Happy Wheels game is to reach the end of the level while staying alive. In order to stay alive, the player must control the vehicle so that it avoids all the obstacles.


Happy Wheels PC is a physics-based online game that is based on ragdoll physics. It is a side-scrolling game with a very simple concept. A player controls a character that is stuck inside a vehicle.

There are different kinds of characters, such as a biker, a quadcopter, and a skater. Every vehicle has a certain ability. For example, the biker has the ability to perform a wheelie, whereas the quadcopter can re-spawn to a certain location.

The screen automatically scrolls to the right, and the player has to avoid different obstacles and traps such as spikes, saws, bombs, and much more. The obstacles are spawned at random places, so the player has to be alert at all times.

The game has a mini-map on the left side where the player can see the direction in which the character is moving and the location of the traps.


Everything in the game is designed very well. 3D graphics, good for their time, but compared to newer titles, it's rather ugly now. It's hard to say, but I think that they were inspired by the Tron Legacy movie because they both have a similar design.

Incredible destructive physics, various environments, and vehicles, lots of fun and excitement, every play session is different – experience all of these after you finish Happy Wheels download for pc process.

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You can play Happy Wheels in a number of ways, either by going to the official website or by downloading the game onto the computer. It is mostly made up of a series of levels that goal is to get the player to the end of the level by using a number of different vehicles.

The player controls the vehicle by using the arrow keys on the keyboard and is able to use the space bar as a way to jump over gaps and other obstacles. The level also has a number of traps and pitfalls. These are used to kill the player and are usually activated by the player by touching them.


Happy Wheels online is full of games and levels to play, there are many versions of the game. You can play it online for free. The game offers the following:

  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Challenging levels;
  • Different worlds and characters;
  • 15 characters with a unique style;
  • Full-featured level editor;
  • Different language support;
  • Facebook connectivity to share your scores and achievements;
  • Game and sound effects for every hit, crash, explosion, and squish;
  • Vehicle editor to create your own character.

There are many interesting characters to unlock, like the old man, the fat guy, the guy with the jetpack, and many more.


Yes, this game is very playable. It is great for a few minutes of relaxed fun or for hours of fun when you are in a gaming mood. The replayability is quite high, and there are many different ways to play it.

The game can be played over and over again without getting bored. There are various obstacles, new and exciting levels available for you to play.


Q1: Is game free on a computer?

A1: Yes, there is the Happy Wheels play free option to run on a computer, and you can play it online. Just go to the official site and click the link.

Q2: How do you change the vehicle?

A2: You have to click on the vehicle icon at the top left of the screen. You will be able to change the vehicle on the screen that will open.

Q3: Can I play the game with my friend?

A3: You can play this game by pairing your mobile phone with your friend's device. The multiplayer is also available if Happy Wheels play online. So, if you want to try a new game with your friend.

Q4: How to play Happy Wheels PC game?

A4: You need to select the character; you can choose from ragdoll, athlete, sumo wrestler, and many more. You can also choose the environment to play in, such as city, space, school, and other places. Then you can choose the vehicle to play, or you can go without it. Then you can choose to play the game or play in multiplayer.

Q5: Why is the game so hard?

A5: If you want an easier game, just disable the ragdoll mode.


All in all, download Happy Wheels is a very fun game, it's easy to play, and you will never get bored. You can play it with your friends or just by yourself. The game has a great community, and it's one of the most popular games of all time.

In my opinion, Happy Wheels free online game is a great car game, and it's definitely worth a try. The use of ragdoll physics makes it almost like a game of real life, and its simplicity makes it easy to play.


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