Latest Game Update – New Levels and Funny Gameplay

Latest Game Update – New Levels and Funny Gameplay

Happy Wheels is a very exciting, interesting, and adventurous game. The latest update of the game is now available on the internet. It contains some extra features and other stuff.

The new version of the game has plenty of new features, which includes:

  • In-game level editor;
  • Improved graphics;
  • A new character called "The Splatter";
  • New maps;
  • Fixed that bug that prevented you from saving your game on some devices;
  • Improved the controls for vehicles;
  • Added new achievements: "Most elegant", "Adventurer", "Longest jump";
  • The player can now control the speed of the game and adjust the quality of the graphics.

Final Word

This is all about the latest update of the Happy Wheels game in which new features have been added. I hope that you liked this article, and I also hope that you will be excited to play the latest version of this game.